Women's health and fertility

Healthy eating is not about perfection. It’s about balance, variety and moderation.

Are you looking for nutrition recommandations to:

🍓Optimize your fertility

🍓Prepare for an in vitro fertilization cycle.

🍓Manage premenstrual symptoms 

🍓Manage irritable bowel syndrome

🍓Manage polycystic ovary syndrome

🍓Manage symptoms of endometriosis

🍓Balancing your plate to optimize your health

🍓Having a prenatal nutrition follow-up for a healthy pregnancy

🍓Manage menopausal symptoms

We can work together to develop a personalized nutrition plan!

Group Services

Webinars on fertility and women’s health 

Group program Endo-Nutrition (in French)

Group program SOPK 101 ( in French)

sopk 101



HI! I am Celine!

I graduated from nutrition and dietetics in 2006 and since that time I have work in the field of nutrition. 

I founded my own private practice dedicated to the nutrition management of fertility and women’s health conditions. I offer individual consultations as well as group programs.

I also offer professional continuous education training or conferences to doctors and other health care professionals. 




portrait Celine Saloumi

Knowledge is power!

My mission is to help as many women as possible optimize their hormonal health
their fertility and wellness with practical, science-based advice.
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